Booking gigs has never been easier.


Gigify simplifies your bookings and communications with artists interested in playing in your club, bar, store, or at an event.

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Better booking, better turn out.

The back and forth of getting gigs into your venue is exhausting and, at times, uncertain. Gigify asks the right questions based on experienced tour managers and music industry professionals to make the process easy from the first request to finalizing the closing agreement.


Gigify is the quickest way to plan for your gigs and tours. Whether you have years on the road or just started your band, getting exposure to booking agents has never been easier.

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Become your own booking agent.

Not all artists can afford an experienced booking agent for their tours. Let Gigify help you reach out to venues and be discovered by booking agents by setting up an electronic press kit that showcases your music, photos, bio, and more. Gigify is your guide to get more bookings!

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